Plan Ahead: What to Wear to Disney

I often see people on social media looking cute in all sorts of outfits, but, when it comes to Disney, comfort is the number one thing to consider when deciding what to wear to Disney. Don’t worry! You can still look fashionable while being comfortable.

Comfortable Shoes

When at Disney, you will be walking 10-12 miles each and every day. Therefore, forgo the flip flops in favor of a well-fitted pair of tennis shoes. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Disney vacation and then get a bunch of blisters that will make you miserable for the rest of the day.

What to Wear to Disney: Comfortable Shoes

I personally love my Brooks tennis shoes, but I know a lot of other people love Hoka shoes. My best advice is to go to a nearby running store and get yourself fitted for a decent pair of shoes. Yes, they will be on the more expensive side, but your feet will thank you!

Dress in Layers

When deciding what to wear to Disney, always check the weather forecast before traveling. The weather can vary greatly during the day, particularly in Florida. So, I recommend dressing in layers to accommodate the change in temperature.

If you are planning to rope drop the parks, then it will be cooler first thing in the morning. Dressing in layers will allow you shed off pieces of clothing as it warms up throughout the day.

What to Wear to Disney: Dress in Layers

Quick Dry Clothing

If you enjoy water rides, then make sure you are wearing quick dry clothing. This is also helpful when dealing with pop-up rainstorms.

Make sure to wear light, breathable fabrics that will keep you cool in the hot months. Depending on the time of year, I love to wear Nike shorts and a quick drying long sleeve shirt, which keeps me cool yet covered from the sun.

Rain Gear

Florida is notorious for quick rainstorms that may be intense, but only last a few minutes. Do not fret though! Visiting the parks on slightly rainy days will mean fewer crowds. Just remember to be prepared with what you wear to Disney.

If you are bringing a larger backpack or a stroller, then you can go all out with bringing an umbrella and a rain jacket. My family likes to travel to the park extra light, so we bring disposable ponchos. These are easy enough to scrunch back up into a plastic bag when not needed.

What to Wear to Disney: Ponchos

Hot Tip: Save money by bringing your own rain gear rather than buying ponchos in the park.


Keep yourself from squinting all day in the hot sun by wearing sunglasses or bringing a hat. If you want to wear sunglasses while on a ride, make sure you pack a strap to keep them attached to your head.

I don’t recommend wearing your fancy designer glasses to the parks though. There is always a higher chance of losing things in amusement parks like this, so keep that in mind when choosing your accessories.


An absolute must when traveling to Disney is to have a small backpack or fanny pack. I am personally “team fanny pack” because it keeps all your essentials close by. As a bonus, you can wear it while on the rides without needing to store it in a locker like you might with a backpack.

Die-hard Disney fans love to collect their Loungefly backpacks. They are cute and stylish and show off your favorite Disney characters. They can store a lot more than a fanny pack and are great for carrying in the park.

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Disney Park Essentials

Disney Gear

Disney is the one place where you can go crazy when it comes to wearing all the Disney gear you want without fear of being judged. Guests from all over will sport their best Mickey or Minnie ears and their favorite t-shirts.

Many kids love to dress up in their favorite princess outfits. Mind the weather if this is something your child wants to do and make sure they wear comfortable shoes. I recommend perhaps wearing a princess dress for character dining, but otherwise bringing a change of clothes for the parks.

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