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Congratulations! If you have landed on this post, then you are probably getting excitingly closer to your upcoming trip to Disney. You have done all the planning and now comes the fun part, where it all starts to feel real. Your Disney packing list will look a little different than your normal travel list because of all the extras you need to make sure you bring with you to the park.

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Pack Early

As someone who plans ahead for everything, it is essential to start packing early. I recommend starting to get things out about a week before your trip. Use a spare bedroom or a flat surface where you can lay out your clothes. Make sure you have done your laundry first to ensure you have your favorite clean clothes to choose from. Packing early will give you plenty of time to double check that you aren’t forgetting anything.

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Prepare for Weather

The weather in Florida can be pretty unpredictable, but definitely look at the general forecast about a week out to know what you might be facing. Know that the mornings can be cool but they can get very hot in the afternoon depending on what time of year you are visiting. Rain is frequent in Florida, but it is often short lived. Pack yourself some cheap ponchos before you go rather than splurging on ones in the park.

Use Packing Cubes

Make your life easier by investing in some packing cubes. It keeps all your clothes neat and separated by who they belong to. I often find hotels don’t have enough storage space so our family ends up living out of these cubes.

Hot Tip: I like to reuse the zipper plastic pouches that sheets or curtains come in. Pack one outfit per day for your kids in them so they just grab one pack in the morning to get ready.

Toiletries Provided at Resorts

Remember that if you stay on property there are a lot of amenities provided. One thing that you will not need to bring is basic bath products. Disney is phasing out their current H2O+ line, but there will be new products coming soon. Additionally, you do not need to pack your own beach towels as these are provided at the numerous pools at the resorts. So, save yourself some space in your bags!

All Things Disney

Mickey ears? Check. Loungefly backpack? Check. Lanyard filled with trading pins? Check.

Now is the time to go all out on everything Disney. It is the place where you can wear whatever you want to express your love for Disney and no one will judge you. Etsy is a great place to find some cheap Disney apparel. When I’m not at Disney, I practically live in this sweatshirt from HappyTops.

Hot Tip: Remember, kids are the only ones who can dress up in costumes at Disney (unless you are attending Mickey’s Halloween party). As an adult, try out Disneybounding to dress as your favorite character in a more casual way.

Packing for Kids

Taking kids to Disney can be quite the task. It is highly fun and memorable, but can also be accompanied by some major tantrums brought on from heat, walking, and lack of sleep.

When packing for your kids remember to bring a stroller. I recommend that you take one if your kid is five years old or under. Even if your kid never sits in a stroller at home, Disney is a whole different ballpark. You will walk 10+ miles each day and those little legs need a break. Strollers offer a great place for them to rest and maybe even sneak in a nap. Strollers also offer a lot of extra storage when taking things to the park.

Disney Packing List: Stroller

Remember to bring your typical diaper bag with all the fixings as well. I love a backpack diaper bag personally because they are easier to carry around and can easily strap on to your stroller handles. We took our son to Disney shortly after he was potty trained, which meant that we had accidents pretty much every day we were at the parks. Don’t forget to pack an extra set of clothes just in case!

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Order Grocery Delivery

We like to save money at Disney by eating breakfast in our rooms and bringing our own snacks to the parks. So, the last thing I like to do before I head for the airport is put in a small grocery order that can be delivered right to the resort. I use Amazon Grocery so I can set a delivery time for shortly after we arrive and get settled. Each room is generally equipped with a mini fridge, which allows you to pick up things like yogurt, fruit, or juice for the mornings.

Now that you are all packed, make sure to check out my posts to create a Disney day itinerary. If you plan to take advantage of Genie+ to skip lines, prepare yourself to have a deep understanding of how it works before you go. I break it all down for you in my post Explained: How to Use Genie+.

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