How to Save Money At Disney

It’s no secret – Disney isn’t cheap! But, there are ways to save money at Disney. Follow these tips and tricks to save you money when it comes to booking, dining, and even buying souvenirs.

Visit in the Off Season

Peak season at Disney is during the summer when kids are out of school for break. Other popular travel times are during spring break (mid-March through mid-April) and around the holidays. You can save significant money on resorts and tickets by booking in the off season. Not only will it be cheaper, but you will experience fewer crowds making your visit a little less stressful. Some of the best times to go are January, February, and in late September after kids go back to school.

Hot Tip: Check out a crowd calendar online to see which weeks experience the fewest crowds.

Stay at Value Resorts

Some people like to stay at hotels off Disney property as a way of saving money. However, by the time you factor in paying for gas, time spent traveling to the parks, and paying for parking, it doesn’t save you much. Instead, try staying at a value resort such as any of the All-Star resorts. The theming is great, parking is free at the resorts, and there is easy-to-use transportation to all of the parks.

Another way to save money is to use hotel points to book your stay at the Swan or Dolphin Resorts. These are considered deluxe resorts, which get you extra extended hours on select nights. If you use points, you can get all those added benefits minus the price.

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Take Advantage of Promos

Disney runs promos all the time and you should definitely take advantage of these. Use a travel agent to make sure you are getting the best current deals. You can often get a discount on rooms or sometimes they run deals on cheaper tickets. If you have already booked a package and learn of a new promo, Disney can retroactively apply those discounts as long as you have not yet paid your vacation in full.

Explore More: Head over to my Disney travel inquiry page to see the most recent promos. Contact me if you have any questions.

Don’t Buy Park Hoppers

Park hopper passes allow you to jump from one Disney park to another on the same day. The parks are so large though that you can easily spend an entire day at a park and not experience everything. On average, it costs $65 to add on the park hopper option. Therefore, save your money and go for the individual tickets.

Hot Tip: The only time I recommend getting a park hopper pass is when visiting Disneyland since that park doesn’t take all day to do.

Pay in Gift Cards

A way to make sure you aren’t overspending at Disney is to pay using gift cards. Many people choose to charge everything to their room and then pay off their bill at the end of each day using gift cards. Save even more money by buying gift cards at Costco or Sam’s Club. You can often get $100 gift cards for only $80. When you buy multiple gift cards, you can end up saving significantly.

Hot Tip: When it comes to souvenirs, set a budget for your kids by giving them a gift card with a set amount. It really helps them think twice before buying the first toy they see.

Get a Disney Credit Card

Disney has partnered with Chase to offer their own VISA card. There is no annual fee and you can currently get a credit when you sign up and spend a certain amount in the first few months. You can often find great promos on rooms at the resorts specifically for Disney credit cardholders. Additionally, paying with your credit card earns you more perks such as 10% off dining and shopping throughout the parks.

Eat Breakfast in Your Hotel Room

Food in the parks can be expensive. They have amazing restaurants that you should definitely take advantage of, but eating breakfast in your room throughout your stay can save you a couple hundred dollars. Most rooms come with a mini fridge where you can store things like milk, orange juice, and yogurt. My family likes to stock up on cereal and breakfast bars as well as other late night snacks.

Hot Tip: Get groceries delivered to your resort using Amazon. The day before traveling, order your food online and set your delivery time to shortly after you arrive.

Disney Breakfast Ideas

Take Your Own Photos

Disney offers their Memory Maker that allows you to download all of the pictures captured by cast members and on rides throughout the park. This currently costs $69 per day. Save that money by taking your own photos. Instead, ask a cast member to take a picture with your phone at places in front of the castle or other iconic spots. You will still have access to see your Photopass photos via the My Disney Experience app and you can purchase photos separately if you would like.

Save Money at Disney: Take your own photos

Water is Free

It is hot in Florida in the summer, so make sure you are drinking enough water. Water is free in the parks at any place that offers fountain drinks. Additionally, there are many water fountains and water bottle filling stations. Pack yourself a collapsible water bottle so you can fill up for free whenever you need it and then quickly pack it away while you are on rides.

Quick Service vs. Sit-Down Restaurants

I love eating at sit-down restaurants at Disney because the food is great and it gives you an extended rest from standing all day. However, sit-down restaurants can cost a lot more. Save money by eating at quick service counters. You will still get a lot of food at a fraction of the price. Additionally, ordering food is easy using mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app.

Explore More: Learn more about types of dining options here.

Bring Your Own Poncho

Downpours are frequent in Florida, but typically they are short lived. Many people still go to the parks even when rain is in the forecast. Prepare yourself by bringing your own ponchos. At the parks, these typically cost about $12 per poncho. That is nearly $50 for a family of four. Instead, buy ponchos before heading to the parks online or from the dollar store.

Bring Your Own Stroller

Disney offers a stroller rental service, which can be extremely convenient if you are traveling from far away. However, it comes at a price and you can easily save that money by bringing your own stroller. Nowadays, they make collapsible strollers that easily compact and can fit into the overhead compartment while flying. I personally just love a cheap umbrella stroller which has enough storage underneath for a diaper bag and any other park essentials.

Hot Tip: If your child is five years old or younger, don’t hesitate to use a stroller for them. You will be walking 10+ miles each day and a stroller provides a great space to give their little legs a much needed break.

Save Money at Disney: Bring your own stroller

Visit the Disney Outlet Store

Did you know that there are outlet stores that sell old park merchandise at a severe discount? I have never personally been, but it is 100% on my list to do next time we visit Disney. This outlet, offered only in Florida, is called Disney Character Warehouse. There you can find all your Mickey ears, backpacks, Crocs, apparel and more. There are many YouTubers out there that like to highlight the deals they are finding each week.

Even if you don’t check out this outlet store, I do recommend buying souvenirs before you go to the park. You can find much cheaper versions online.

Do you have any other money saving tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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