Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Whether you travel all the time or only once every few years, travel planning can be stressful for even the most seasoned traveler. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone else helping you plan every step of the way for FREE? This is one of the many reasons to use a travel agent.

When it comes to travel planning, two heads are better than one. You have someone else there to help you do the research on the best flights, best hotels, and best deals. There really aren’t many reasons NOT to use a travel agent (but I’ll cover those down below too).

Hot Tip: If you have already booked your trip but have not paid it off yet, you can typically transfer your reservation to a travel agent within 30 days of booking. This way you can still experience all the perks of using a travel agent.

Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

No extra cost to you

Money is the biggest reason people think they shouldn’t hire a travel agent. However, travel agents work at no extra cost to you!

The vendors we work with pay our commission, not you. So, you will be paying the same cost with or without a travel agent. For no additional cost, you get all the benefits of planning a vacation with someone rather than doing it all on your own.

Reasons to use a travel agent: no extra cost to you

Personalized customer service

Have you ever called a phone tree and just kept hitting zero until you finally got to speak to a real, live person? Hiring a travel agent is the equivalent of that. It is having a person directly on the other side of the phone who is there to answer any questions you might have.

There is something way more personable about knowing the individual who is helping you book your trip. Travel agents strive to make their clients feel special. If you are local, that might mean meeting for coffee to go over options and discuss travel plans.

We will tailor your experience directly to your needs, avoiding any sort of pushy sales pitch. My clients have my personal cell phone number so they can reach me anytime.

Hassle free planning

Whether you are at the very beginning of your vacation planning or already have all the nitty gritty details ironed out, a travel agent can still be beneficial to you. Travel agents can be as hands on or hands off as you would like.

As travel agents, our job is to make the travel planning side of things hassle free. I present my clients with options within budget so they just have to pick what they want, saving them tons of time that would have been spent researching.

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Saves you time booking

Even if you know exactly what you want, travel agents can save you time by doing the work for you. We also save time by monitoring the prices for you to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal for what you are looking for.

As a travel agent that specializes in Disney, I am always spending time calling Disney directly to handle problems. Sometimes that means being on hold for hours. That is time spent that my clients don’t have to be on the phone.

Current deals & promos

Any travel agent claiming to have insane money saving deals is lying. Yes, I said that. As travel agents, we typically have access to the same deals you have as general consumers.

However, as a travel agent, we are the very first to know about any upcoming deals or promos. We can keep track of what deals are current and figure out the best way to get you savings, typically without you having to do anything yourself. Sometimes our vendors might also offer an extra perk for our clients that book in a certain month.

While we don’t have any hidden deals, we can help you save money. Travel agents can also offer incentives such as gift cards or small treats as a thank you for booking with them.

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Make recommendations

As a travel agent, I love listening to my clients needs and I will offer recommendations based on what they actually want. There is no pushy upselling here. A travel agent can give a different perspective though and can help you think outside the box to things you might not have considered.

For example, you might find yourself stressed if you are looking for a grand European tour, but your partner wants to relax at an all-inclusive resort. Perhaps what might be best for you is a European river cruise. It offers the luxuries and amenities of an all-inclusive, but still gives you the cultural experience.

Travel agents are often travel bugs themselves that have experienced a number of different places. Therefore, we can offer personalized recommendations based on our own experiences.

Some of my personal favorite travel spots include: Disney/Universal Studios, St. John U.S.V.I, Krakow, Cappadocia, and Thailand. Let me know your favorite places to travel in the comments below!

Handle the unexpected

When your flights get cancelled or an unexpected family emergency changes your plans, travel agents are there to help. They are the ones that can call around and make the necessary adjustments to your trip, whether working to adjust travel dates, get you a refund, or future travel credit.

It is helpful to have another person in your corner when things go wrong. Another one of the reasons to use a travel agent is that they can help you navigate the changes and stress so it is not solely on your shoulders.

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Network of resources

Beyond our own travel knowledge, travel agents come with a huge network of resources at our fingertips to provide you with just what you need. If I don’t personally know the answer to one of your questions, it doesn’t take me long to find it.

As travel agents, we are also constantly training and staying attentive to the news to keep up to date with any recent changes. This in turn allows us to give you more current recommendations.

Support small business

Many travel agents are people just like me – a mom with two kids and a side hustle trying to fund some family vacations. By booking with a travel agent, you can help out these people; again, at no extra cost to you.

Travel agents are passionate about what they do and trying to help others plan their dream vacation. Honestly, I live vicariously through the vacations that other people get to take. I love helping other people get to make lifelong memories.

Help plan big and small

Another one of the many reasons to use a travel agent is that we can help plan your trips regardless of the size. From huge family reunions, to family vacations, to intimate honeymoons, travel agents can help you plan it all.

When planning something like a big multi-generational trip, travel agents are ideal for making sure everyone is booking the exact same experience. They can then offer different options to fit everyone’s budget needs.

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When NOT to use a Travel Agent

Book your own flights

While I certainly can help with booking air travel, I recommend you book your own flights. Flying can be so unpredictable with weather and last minute changes. In the event of something unexpected, it is easier to work with the airline directly.

If you book with a third party, then you are required to go through them to adjust your flights. So, that would require you call your travel agent, who then calls the vendor, who then works to change your flights. It is a multiple chain of people versus just working with the airline directly at the desk.

It will be faster and more efficient for you if you book your flights directly with the airline.

Direct supplier deals

As I mentioned before, as travel agents, we do not have access to any special deals. We have to use a separate booking site from what you as clients see.

Sometimes, that means you can find a better deal if you book yourself directly on the vendor’s website. We cannot compete with that price if it differs from what we are seeing on our end.

Obviously, I’m not saying that to lose any business but to be honest that if you are pinching pennies you might be able to find better deals out there. However, it typically does not save you much and you are giving up all the other perks of working with a travel agent.

I would love the opportunity to work with you on planning your dream vacation! Please reach out to me for a FREE, no obligation quote by filling out the travel inquiry below.

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