21 Ways to Overcome Disney Withdrawal

Whether you are coming home from a Disney trip or longingly waiting for the next one, it is not uncommon to go through some sort of Disney withdrawal. Perhaps it is missing the food, or the fireworks, or the thrilling rides. For me, I often just miss getting to be a kid again and enjoying the time with my family free from other responsibilities.

My kids and I often reminisce about our time at Disney. Therefore, we have found a few fun ways to bring the Disney magic home with us and overcome our Disney withdrawal.

Watch Disney movies

Let’s start with the obvious one! Get into the Disney spirit by continuing to watch all your favorite Disney movies at home.

The best way to watch movies is to subscribe to Disney+ for their whole catalog. Their cheapest plan starts at only $8.00/month.

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Listen to Disney music

Listening to Disney music instantly puts me in a happier mood and helps with my Disney withdrawal. My kids and I love to sing along in the car to some of our favorite tunes like “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” or “Almost There”.

Enjoy one of my favorite Disney playlists I put together to listen to anytime we are on the road!

Let me know what your favorite Disney song is in the comments below!

Cook Disney foods

One of the best things about Disney is experiencing all of the food, especially the around the world specialities at Epcot. So, bring home the Disney flavors by getting one of the Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbooks.

These Disney recipes pair perfectly for a Disney night at home. For example, some families like to do a different type of cuisine each week as if they were in Epcot. One night they might do Mexican, then Italian, and then American.

Watch ride videos

The next best thing to experiencing the rides themselves is watching POV videos on YouTube. Document Disney offers some great videos from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

You can also watch videos from old rides at Disney that no longer exist, such as Alien Encounter or the now outdated Splash Mountain.

Hot Tip: If you are headed to Disney and unsure if your child will like a certain ride, let them watch the video first. It helps them decide if they think they might be scared or if it looks like fun to them.

Disney scented candles

Did you know that Disney uses smellitizers to pump delicious scents into different areas of the park? Bring the smell of Disney home by getting Disney scented candles.

You can get your favorites like the Polynesian, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Main Street Confectionary.

Buy Disney treats

Enjoy those special Disney treats at home like the pineapple Dole Whip or, my personal favorite, Mickey ice cream bars. In fact, these are now available at local grocery stores.

You can also make your own treats like Mickey waffles! These will instantly help with your Disney withdrawal from snacks and food at the parks and resorts.

Disney coloring books

As a mom in my 30s, my favorite coloring book remains a Disney Princess book I have had since college. Disney coloring books are also great to bring on the car ride or plane ride when traveling to Disney.

Disney trivia game

Test your Disney knowledge with a trivia board game or trivia podcast. I’m always looking for someone new to play with because I tend to beat my family every time. There are some great podcasts tailored to kids as well so they can play along.

Disney puzzles

I absolutely love doing a Disney puzzle to put me in the Disney spirit! Ravensburger makes some of the best ones that you can easily find online. For kids, I like getting the ones with XXL pieces.

Disney books

Disney books are great for bringing the Disney stories alive at home! Kids can enjoy reading the classics with the Little Golden Book series, which were some of my favorites from when I was little.

Older children, or those adults young at heart, can also enjoy some grown-up Disney reading. I recently learned about the Twisted Tale series, which I am dying to read. These books explore the idea of “what-if” things went a different way in these well-known stories.

Disney Home Collection

Make your home feel like Disney by shopping the Disney at home collection. From blankets and pillows to kitchen utensils, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you use your Disney home accessories.

Having Disney be a part of your home every day will easily help you overcome those feelings of Disney withdrawal.

Wear Disney attire

Typically at Disney, people go all out wearing their Disney attire. But, it doesn’t have to be any different though just because you are at home!

Rock your Mickey t-shirt, use your favorite Loungefly backpack daily, or wear your Minnie ears while making dinner. My personal favorites are some Mickey socks that are super comfortable and I can wear pretty much every day.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of Disney clothing options. Amazon or Etsy are great places to look for some great Disney deals.

Disney on Ice

You can overcome the Disney withdrawal by enjoying some at home Disney entertainment with Disney on Ice. I saw many shows when I was a child and then started to take my daughter when she was younger.

Overcome Disney Withdrawal: Disney on Ice

Watching Disney on Ice helps get you in the Disney spirit with all the characters and music. Not to mention, the shows are just super amazing to watch even as an adult. The last show we saw had Rapunzel swinging from silks high above the ice like a circus act.

At home fireworks

Sure, you can just watch the Disney fireworks show on YouTube for a quick Disney fix. Or, try taking it a step further by recreating your own fireworks show at home.

You can get some cheap fireworks and sparklers at your local stores. Pair it with your own Disney soundtrack, like mine above, for a fun interactive night.

Don’t forget your light-up bubble maker for the complete effect!

Learn to draw characters

Another way to overcome Disney withdrawal is to follow character drawing tutorials online led by the animators themselves. It can be a fun way for you and your kids to learn how to draw all your favorite characters.

Overcome Disney Withdrawal: Draw Disney Characters

My daughter and I discovered these during COVID and loved working on them together. The artists break it down into simple easy steps so even the most amateur artists can walk away with something they are proud of.

The best thing about these videos is you can start and stop them to work at your own pace.


Disney offers a Life at Disney podcast that is dedicated to telling the stories of various cast members and their jobs at Disney. Therefore, you can learn the insider details of what it is like to work with the best!

I personally have always dreamed of being an Imagineer so I always love learning about how they do their jobs and come up with such creative ideas. Alternatively, you could also watch One Day at Disney shorts on Disney+.

Other Disney fanatics offer their own podcasts and vlogs that you can subscribe to as well. Quite frankly, these are great to listen to when your family is sick of you talking about Disney.

Subscribe to magazines

Subscribing to WDW Magazine or DLR Magazine is a great way to keep up with all the current news and overcome Disney withdrawal. Disney is constantly changing; so, being in the know about new rides or protocols will help you prepare for any upcoming trips.

You can get the digital subscription for only $5/month!

My Disney Experience App

Maybe it is just me, but I love to look at the My Disney Experience app even when I am not at the parks. I love seeing how long the lines are and mentally mapping out where I might go next.

Overcome Disney Withdrawal: My Disney Experience App

Checking out the app before going on a trip is also a good way to get familiar with it. It can help give you a sense of how the virtual queue works and how to make mobile dining reservations.

You will rely heavily on the app once you are in the parks, so it is a good idea to open it up before you get there.

Plan your next vacation

The best way to overcome Disney withdrawal is to plan your next trip! Let’s be honest, if you are like me, you probably started planning the moment you got on the plane home.

I love to use the Unofficial Disney Guidebook series to help me plan trips. They release a new version each year to give you up to date information on new rides and restaurants.

My favorite part about these books are the various park plans included in the back, which help minimize your time standing in lines.

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Let me help you plan your next vacation! Fill out the below form for a FREE, no obligation quote. Check out Disney’s current deals and promotions as well.

Create “Magical Moments”

The best feeling you get at Disney is the happiness and joy it brings you. Disney has “magical moments” where cast members will randomly do acts of kindness such as allowing you to skip a line or giving you a special souvenir.

When I was little, I had a cast member, who shared my same name, give me their name tag from the 25th anniversary. Such little thing completely made my day as a child and I still have that name tag today!

Spread the joy and Disney magic to those around you by doing something kind for someone else. Perhaps this is volunteering through a program or doing something as small as holding the door open for someone.

You would be amazed how simple things like being kind and smiling can brighten someone’s day.

It isn’t quite the same as being at Disney, but I hope these things will help overcome Disney withdrawal and hold you over until the next time you can get to the parks! What other ways do you bring the Disney magic home with you? Let me know in the comments!

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